Compact Sling Bag for Snowboards and Skateboards Launched on Kickstarter

Hong Kong – A new crowdfunding campaign launched today on Kickstarter is seeking to draw the attention of snowboarders and skateboarders who often struggle to find a practical way of carrying their boards, whether when they’re walking, traveling, or engaging in their outdoor adventures.

“The Feather Rider is an extremely compact, ultra-lightweight and superbly practical way for a snowboarder or skateboarder to carry all he needs, with his board included, without even thinking about it,” stated Su, the founders of Feather Rider.

The Feather Rider has robust features to give it the necessary strength to carry boards weighing 6 to 8 kilos. The bag comes with a fixator that allows the user to swiftly fixate, store and carry the board, or release it and use it at will. With its unique cross body design, the Feather Rider accommodates the snowboard in a special angle in relation to the ground, ensuring that the board will not hit the user’s legs, bump into obstacles, or hurt other people as the Feather Rider’s user walks by with the board on his back.

“The Feather Rider has been designed to be a perfect sidekick even in the most challenging environments, such as a very snowy mountain,” Su commented, further stating that, “it’s a waterproof, sweat-proof, and water-repellent bag which, while being compact, is very spacious, so that, along with the board, its user can also keep his documents, a bottle of water and even his camera. Even better, since the cold of a mountain can affect battery performance, the Feather Rider has an insulation layer to carry batteries so that these are not affected by extreme temperatures.”

The bag’s designers state that the bag can be used while snowboarding, even while holding a snowboard, without causing any hassle to the experience, and they also highlight its multi-purpose nature, mentioning that “it’s just as practical if you’re going on a bike or motorcycle ride.”

Created by a new brand that aspires to be a leading player in the industry of extreme sports apparel and accessories, the Feather Rider is announced by its founders as the world’s first ultra-lightweight and compact sling bag that lets its users easily, safely and comfortably take their snowboards, skateboards and other belongings with them.

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