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Compact Sling Bag for Snowboards and Skateboards Launched on Kickstarter

Hong Kong – A new crowdfunding campaign launched today on Kickstarter is seeking to draw the attention of snowboarders and skateboarders who often struggle to find a practical way of carrying their boards, whether when they’re walking, traveling, or engaging in their outdoor adventures. “The Feather Rider is an extremely compact, ultra-lightweight and superbly practical way […]

Feather Rider Multifunctional Snowboard Sling Bag

Easily take your snowboard anywhere with the Feather Rider Multifunctional Snowboard Sling Bag. Forget about bulky snowboard and skateboard bags that weigh you down and get in your way. The Feather Rider is an ultra-lightweight and compact multi-functional sling bag that lets you easily, safely, and comfortably take your gear everywhere. Perfect for snowboards, skateboards, […]