Forget about bulky snowboard bags and skateboard bags that weigh on you and make your snowboard hit your legs while you’re walking. The Feather Rider is the world’s first ultra lightweight and compact multi-functional sling bag that lets you easily, safely and comfortably take your snowboard, skateboard and other belongings anywhere you go—even if you go snowboarding while carrying it!

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Feather Rider Multifunctional Snowboard Sling Bag


How to carry your snowboard?

1. Unfasten the buckles.

2. Unzip to completely open the sling bag.

3. Place the snowboard inside the bag.

4. Fasten the snowboard with Velcro for making the position properly and then fasten the buckles.

5. The strap is passed through the binding and then hook on the webbing loop.

6-1. Left up the adjustable buckles for making proper comfortable position.

6-2. Pull the strap to proper comfortable position.

7. Fasten the waist belt.

Components use note

Strap for fixing snowboard and bag.

Waist belt(Long) must be connected A side.
Waist belt(Short) must be connected B side

Helmet holder.

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